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Best Friend…For a Middle Class Girl….!!

I always wonder who is the best friend for a girl…!!! The person who share a same bench or a person who sit with her in the college bus or her sister with whom she had lots of fights on random things or her brother who stand by her all the time..

May be, now I am getting the answer of this question.! None of this person know me better then a single person..! None of them accepted me the way I am right now. None of them can handle me when I am angry…None of them have seen me in my rough days…! The single person, in my life, has stood by me all the rough days, seen me in my very bad phase of life, who told me at each and every time that where I am wrong or what will be good for me…Who has accepted me the way I am and who has taught me all the right and wrong thing…!! That’s the feeling I am having right now that without this person I may not be the strong person as I am right now. I saw her fighting with circumstances.I saw her being diplomatic even to handle any wrong situation.I saw her even being normal when everyone else was cracking jokes on her…!!!!

That single person in my life is Mummy.! I guess she is d best friend of any girl’s life.. With whom a girl can share all d things which is running her mind without any fear.! Nd after all,what a young age gal needs d most? A person who is experienced and mature enough to listen all the things calmly and den give her the best advice…!

Well,My mummy is d same like dis from all the time. Actually when i was in college and in teen age of my life.. i don’t like my mom because i don’t understand y she is giving so much instructions that i have to do dis and i should not wear short dress or why i m not getting permission to stay in any girls party till late..!!!! i didn’t understand why i m having so many restrictions and why i can’t enjoy my college life as my younger brother…!!!!

Today,when i m at age of 26 and see d judgmental thinking of society in a small city like mine,i m happy that i m having a mother who is always right in all d case regarding security of mine..!! who is, always right to make me feel safe and secure in a golden cage of named as family..!!! because,she even felt the same things in her teen age or young age as i m feeling right now..! she knew that dis so call society is such a judgmental that no one can forgive a single mistake of any girl whatever a girl has achieved in her life..!! a gal whatever in her personal life may b a best daughter or best sister..but one mistake,being a gal,and it will just spoil everything…just blast….!!! never get a second chance ever…!! and dis all things, only one person can know and understand…that is MUMMY…!!!

a person with whom i can b myself totally..I never feel ashamed to accept my stupidity, naughtiness and share my nervousness..!

The best cook, the best guide and the best friend ever i could get in my life…!!!!

Love you Maa….


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