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Wooooowiee!!!!!!!!! It’s A Women’s Day…!!!!

Yesterday,8th march, was a Women’s Day.! And it’s a wonderful feeling for me for being a girl. Actually, I am very proud to be a girl. The care from a mother, the guidance from a father, the friendly bond with a brother/sister..! What a girl can expect more than this, right?

Well ,something more we want from the world or people or society. And that is RESPECT.!

Something stuck in my mind on this Women’s Day which is bothering me and killing me inside. Before someday, a documentary was on aired in social media about INDIA’S DAUGHTERS. In that video I almost can see the real mentality of the Indian society. The real face of the Indians. A girl has no right to wear the clothes of her choice or she does not have that freedom to go for movie at evening. If a girl is going outside to watch a movie or to have dinner with her male friend than it seems that she has no character. She is slut.!!!!! And in this, if she is having more then one male friend then seriously she has made a crime and she should kill herself because it seems that she is ready to sleep with any number of guy.

We, Indians, do believe that education is necessary to avoid or stop all the crime happens. Agree…!!! So, who are the rapist we can understand why they are having cheap mentality about girls.! Why they think that a girl has no right to wear shorts and tee in public. But what about other people like the lawyers or police or any single male of the country who is being judgmental from a girl’s clothes or from how she is talking or respond to the jerks like rapist or the person who is harassing her.

We, Indians, are so hypo critic that if a guy has girlfriends more than one then we used to call him a STUD.! But same a girl has any guy friend then we call her a slut or whore.!

We all hate Duryodhan and Dushashan for their deed to Draupadi. We all hate Ravan for kidnapping Sita from Ram. But why we don’t have the same feeling of hatred towards the today’s all Ravans and Duryodhans and Dushashans..? Why we became so pathetic today’s girl when she is being raped or kidnapped or harassed? Why we cannot take stand for these girls?

Friends, where is the fault of a girl in all this things? Why she cannot have the freedom of choosing her life on her condition? Why she cannot have male friends?  Why she cannot wear shorts and tee? Why a girl cannot go at 10 pm alone? Why a girl is not feeling safe outside of her home?

Really, I am not getting the thinking of this society actually…What a girl or women expects from this society.? Just some respect.. But why we are not capable enough to give some respect to a girl.? Why can’t we create a safe environment for our daughters or sisters or wife? Is this really that much difficult to give understanding to our sons or brothers that don’t judge a girl from her clothes and give respect to a girl who is his friend or girlfriend or any other girl who is walking across the street instead of giving understanding to our daughters and sisters that they should be careful whenever she go outside from home?

When we Indians create that safe environment for our daughter where she can walk anywhere at any time then we can actually celebrate a Women’s Day…!!!

Till the time, It’s just a date on which whole world is celebrating A Women’s Day and we Indians can have fake smile and say….Wooooowieeee It’s a Women’s Day…!!!


7 thoughts on “Wooooowiee!!!!!!!!! It’s A Women’s Day…!!!!

      1. I think you should write a book : What a Girl wants ???? the answer is simple Respect, Freedom & Equality with Boys in the society. I don’t know when our society will change their mentality about a girl. your blogs are quite impressive & you should write much more about it. i think you should create FB page & start raising the debate on it. our only motto to bring the awareness about this topics as much as we can & keep up the good writing i m totally agree with your thoughts salute to you 🙂

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