Randomize Feel..Through Post!

What the life means? Getting the answer,I guess…!!!!

Confusion…!!! Feel hopeless…!!! Stressed…!!!

Have the two paths in front of my eyes and now have to choose one of them. May be I will prove myself wrong again or maybe I will win…!!!!

Feel of losing the game of life…!! Scared of getting failure!

The phase of life, where standing right now…! A clueless mind can’t get any light of hope where to go from where to start or where this process will let me go…!!!!

Each and every phase always helped me to grow myself more and more. But today, I think there is no other way to lead..!! May be that is because what I choose to do in past.

Feeling restlessness because my heart is saying something else and I m doing something else I guess.

I think, this is all natural things from which everyone has passed. Few persons have that courage to follow their heart and choose the right direction of their life. May be I m getting that courage now to follow my heart to fulfil my desired dream!

Something there in life we don’t have control over it,. May be that is the only reason why life is so beautiful because its spontaneous and thrilling. Where you think you have the trump card and you are about to win life gives a big U-Turn and where you guess you lost the game, you get the uncertain second chance to win it again…!

I think my life has now given me the second chance to win this game again…!!!

Now I know what I have to choose as all I will have that one thing in my mind that whatever I will get, It will be of my choice only not a command from others!

That’s why I have this life to follow my heart and fulfil my dreams not to follow someone else’s incomplete dreams…!!!


4 thoughts on “What the life means? Getting the answer,I guess…!!!!

  1. I like the way how you write blog, I think you should write one short story about life. Writing is the best form of expressing yourself. I feel that writing is passion for you. Keep up the good work. I enjoy a lot reading your blog do write many more I m waiting for your next blog dont know what will be next very much eager to know your next topic. your blog post providing me a happiness in reader’s mind which he/she can feel from the soul really adorable blog cheers 🙂

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