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That spark is still shines in heart…!!!


Do not know what is actually going in my mind. What are the thoughts running inside it. But all I can feel is nervousness..! something that is not mine but still its going away. May be I am missing some feelings or a person with whom the feelings r connected.

I know that he has not the same feelings for me as i m having for him. He used to say that i know him better. i usually get to know his thoughts. I don’t know what does it mean but i think he likes me but he is confused about what he actually wants in his life. I know this from starting that he is confused like hell.!  But all I know is he is true.! True means, he did not ever gave me any false promises that he is going to stay with me for the life time as I want. I always felt he can be himself with me only. May be he is like this with everyone. I feel so good with his random short messages or random calls which even shows that he is also missing me sometimes. All that random talks we shared, makes me feel that he is just made for me…!!!!

I don’t know where is the connection between us because he never said about our future neither I asked him for that. Whenever I stop thinking about him, something strange happens and that make my belief strong that we just made for each other! But what is the meaning of all this things when he is just CONFUSED about what he is feeling.! And that makes me CONFUSED..!!!!!

He always wants to feel the connection with someone from he can say that yes,its her with whom he can spend his rest of life..! But I don’t know how I can make him feel that what he gives me the feel..!! 😉

The spark he gave me when I met him is still there in my mind. The spark which still takes away my one breath when someone takes his just name.! The spark which I think always be there which gives me just little smile when I can have his thought.!!! The spark which feels me freedom of being myself…!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “That spark is still shines in heart…!!!

    1. Priya I dnt know its your general thaughts or your personal experience. Whatever it is fact and truth of lyf. I think everyone gets passed away this stage once in their lyf…

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  1. Your blog post is really innocent!!! Stay happy stay connected. Law of attraction works when we truly connected to someone who is so much special for us & one cute & innocent smile apparently come when we listen his/her name or even by just remembering the moments we have share together 🙂

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  2. Hi Priya, nice post. Way you have portrayed emotions, I’m very sure it’s your personal experience. Some what similar situation even I had years back and today when I come to know that he had same feelings, I really regret why I didn’t just pick up the phone and made one call and said that all I wanted to. Boys are outspoken in all matters except LOVE. Sometimes right door is in front of us but we are just afraid to knock. If things on your side (which I personally think would be) your life would become even more beautiful but god forbid even if its not in your favor, still its good in terms as it will clear off all confusions and you can move on ahead. Meet him if he is next door or call him if he is far away but don’t let confusion & misunderstanding overcome before it’s too late like in my case. Only one thing I would like to say is just go ahead and speak out your heart loud.


    1. Hello Smita, thank you so much for giving the true advice to this situation.! All I can say is, I wish i can do that.! All I know is, Somethings are not in our hand.! we just let something go!! Thanks a lot By the way! 🙂


      1. Hi Priya, I don’t know your exact situation, so won’t comment much on it but as an elderly advice would suggest you to have final call even if you want let it go voluntarily. Suppressing feelings is anyways won’t let you go anywhere and would feel regret not today but may be few years later like me, rest its upto you. So just go ahead, speak it to him all you wanted to & leave rest to destiny and move on. Believe me you would feel lot more lightened after it. No nervousness or confusions would be there after.


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