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Diary Dil Di…!! Pages Re-opened…!!! (Part – 1)

Pages of life’s diary re-open on a coffee table.!

One coffee table. Two best girlfriends. One question and the diary of the life, love re-opened.!!!!

Amaya, a 30 years old successful working woman. The best wife and in couple of months, she is going to be the mother! A happily married woman, who tied her knot of marriage with Ankush, a very successful and intelligent software engineer!

Sahishta, a 26 years old woman, about to tie a knot of marriage with a successful businessman and she is confused about a guy who is her childhood friend but obviously a search of her parents only. She knows him since she was 9 but she did not sees him as her life partner till now.

Sahishta was having that thought since she put her leg in the age of teen that to marry a guy there should be a feeling of love and trust. Though she knows the guy since childhood still she is confused about him because she did not feel that spark till now with him. She always consider him as a friend only and suddenly her parents thought that he is just best for Sahishta. This unexpected change gives her a stroke in her mind and she got confused about him.

One fine day, she got the message from a very old friend of her, Amaya that she wants to meet her and discuss something! Amaya always knew what Sahishta have the feeling for the marriage! And now she knows s the right time to talk with her best friend about the love and marriage! Amaya just wants to give the right direction to her best friend for the decision she is going to take in couple of months!

The question asked Sahishta to Amaya is : What is the meaning of real love and successful marriage? While having a sip of coffee, she looked at Amaya with a confused expression and Amaya has the very big smile on her face with the sigh of relax and happiness. All she can have is the answer of Sahishta in her very own marriage life!

That is the time when Amaya has to re-opened the page of her married life! And give the secret of her successful married life to Sahishta.


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