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Diary Dil Di…!! Pages Re-opened…!!! (Part – 2)

Pages re-opened on a Coffee Table.!

Amaya got married at the age of 22 only with Ankush. She actually did not want to get married so early in her life as she always have the dream of building her teaching career first and then want to get married. She tried a lot to refuse her parents about not getting married. But she failed. Her mother give her sigh of relief that she is not going to fail if she is taking step of marrying Ankush at this age as her parents knows his family from a long time and they thought they can be the best with each other as Ankush is a very intelligent and smart and a simple guy. She just asked Amaya to have the trust on her.

After all the confusions and nervousness Amaya got married with Ankush and started her married life. And in just a couple of months only she felt that her mother was not wrong at that time because she always has the dream of this kind of person in her life time who gives her freedom to be herself.

Ankush was so good with her that he did not get angry on her when she asked to study further for her career. Actually his family was against with this decision of Amaya’s further education. But he stood by herself when she was getting her Master’s degree. He gives Amaya full freedom of achieving her dreams. He took care when she had her final exams. He took care about her schedule even when she needed a break from her reading and when she needed to get relaxed.

Meanwhile Amaya was also working very hard to make her this beautiful relationship stronger. She gave all her time to him only and in study only. She still has that moment in her mind when she got the gold medal from her university. Ankush was there to cheer up for her. He was happy more than anyone else in the hall. More than happy, he was proud of his beautiful wife, getting this success!

After Amaya’s master degree she wants to join college and working as a lecturer in her own college. Again the same problem comes in front of her.! Ankush’s parents were not happy with this decision as they want now a grandchild! Amaya was so upset during those days. Ankush knows her feeling and her dream of giving education and motivation to the new generation! He understood the situation of Amaya and again he supports her only.

She started working and Ankush was again feel happy in her happiness!

Ankush, loves Amaya from the bottom of his heart and that makes their relation strong day by day. And today, after the 8 years of their married life both are about to having their first child.

Amaya and Ankush, both are having the feel of relaxation and happiness. None of them has the feel of discouragement or disrespect! Both of them have the feel of getting the best of their lives.


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