Daily thought

Choose : Fight For It Or Run Away From It.!

The phase of over thinking, where you feel the blast!

Well, I have a friend who has a very bad habit which actually I don’t like about him. That is he analyzes the things a lot. Any situation or circumstances occurs to him, He just gets busy in analyzing it in a very deep mode. I am not saying that it is a bad habit to analyze anything deeply. But somehow I feel this thing makes the situation worst sometimes.

Thinking deep on something scares him a lot in a way that he just starts to run away from the situation where he has to deal with it and then he just has the depressed feeling that it’s not the same thing which he always wanted.! This all happens to him because he thinks about something very deeply and makes himself scared.

The situation where you over think on something called as Analysis-Paralysis.! The situation of mind where you get scared about the situation which does not exist even!

All I know is, If you have certain situation and if you feel to fight for that situation just DO IT. And if you feel that you can’t change anything about that situation just accept that. In any situation you have just two solutions only: Either you accept it as it is or you try something that can change it.! You don’t have any other situation regarding anything as per my thinking.

Standing in the middle of something and creating doubts about it does not make any sense. Just keep giving command to your mind that either you have to ACCEPT IT, DEAL WITH IT! OR CHANGE IT! and you won’t have any regret then!


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