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Diary Dil Di…!! Pages Re-opened…!!! (Part – 3,Last)

Pages re-opened on a coffee-table.!

Amaya just having the conversation with Sahishta about how she and Ankush always there with each other to make their marriage life strong and beautiful.

It was not like that none of them was never had fight or arguments over something. None of them has ever disagreed with each other. But what they both did in their married life was the secret of a successful marriage. And that is the: Respect for Individuality and Freedom Of Being Their self to Each Other.

As Amaya has finished her story about her marriage. She just paused to see the expression of Sahishta. And what she saw makes her amazed. Because she is seeing the same sigh of strangely positive in her eyes which she had when her mother told her to trust them at the age of 22 when she was confused to get married!

Sahishta, has finally has the firm decision about the guy her parents choose for her. She has that positive blank her eyes which shows that Yes, she is ready get married to the guy because she knows him since she was a child and she has friendship with him since long! She never had trust on anyone else what she has with him. And after had a talk with Amaya, she knows this the main and best thing a beautiful relationship needs. The feel of friendly bond between a Husband and a Wife!


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