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Maturity,In Me.? You’re At The Wrong Door.! 😂


Well, here is the thing. Since I started writing i was asking my friends and relatives about it. How they will feel about the perticular post. Its not because I want any compliment or anything. Its just because I want to know about how they feel about that perticular thing and did they feel the connection with what I am saying or not.!

May be that was the big mistake i made.! Because,all I get is just some random responses.! I started writing because I wanted to share what I am feeling in certain situation. I did not start this becauae I want to entertain people.!

After reading one of my post,one of my very good friend said me that I have to improve my thoughts. I have to show some maturity in my writing.! Lol…😝  No offense but, I don’t feel so.! Because there are so many people who shows their maturity at each and evry second.! 😂

The first thing I wrote here was ‘About Me’ and I specifically wrote that I enjoy my life in my very own childish way..! So who are coming here and expecting some maturity, I can just say you are wasting your time.! 😂

I do mistakes and I love to do mistakes.! Because I am learning from my mistakes only not from someone else’s guidance.! 🙌

Thank you my friends for making me correct always.! But sometimes, its not necessary..! 😚

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4 thoughts on “Maturity,In Me.? You’re At The Wrong Door.! 😂

  1. it not lyk that u have to b mature for writing i too was imature when i started writing but by the time u ill get to learn more ……each and everything which will help u to move towards the perfection …… dont write to please people …. wrting is one of the way by wich u can put ur emotion into the words ….. so done get distracted by any one juz go for it keep writing angle…… god bless u keep smiling 🙂


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