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Date a Girl who….????

Try to find that one girl and date her who just does not care about the rest of the world! This does not signs how arrogant she is! It means she loves to be true to herself rather than the world!

Love Relished With Ink

Date a girl who smokes, Girl who drinks. Because it doesn’t make her characterless, it shows she is ready to take risk and take consequences.
Date a girl who is not figure conscious. Girl who looks sexy even in that full sleeved blouse, body hiding Saree because of the confidence she wears.
Date a girl who carries a mini world inside her. That doesn’t make her brat; it shows how much she struggles for attention of yours every day!
Date a girl who keeps irritating you with her selfies, not because she is self-obsessed. Because she wants you to know how she looks all day long.
Date a girl who talks sex openly, It doesn’t means she is slut or desperate. It shows that she’s bold enough to but per points.
Date a girl who splits bill. It doesn’t mean she is feminist, it shows that she wants mutuality in…

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