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Why I Started Writing My Blog?

become that girl

Well, It is been just a week and I get questions that why I started writing my blog publicly by some of my friends and relatives. Here is the answer I guess I can give! The one thing for what I am passionate about since I was a child is writing! Writing actually fascinates me!

I still remember when I started writing is! When I was a child and if I made any mistake, I was afraid to say that on face of my parents that I did some mistake. So what I used to do is just write a sorry note with the whole explanation why I did that in the night when my parents was asleep and keep that note nearby their pillow. When I woke up in the morning my papa used to give me a kiss on my forehead and says it’s OK! I always feel from this incidents that my papa forgive me for my mistakes because I accept my fault in a very different but touchy way. I think my writing process started from that day only! 😉

The main reason why writing became my passion and why I started writing is because I know I have something sparkling in my writing that touches heart easily and people,around me, hold for a while there and think about what I want them to think. But it is not the one night dream that I started writing. It was a long process since childhood that I finally thought to write on big platform!

All I can say is:

I have so many thoughts or feelings which bothers me or gives me peace or makes me happy  that I want to share with my friends, family and society but it is not possible that every time I go to them and say them what I am feeling . So I think this is the best way to convey my message to the people of my life, my society and my world what I am feeling for them or what bothers me or what I appreciate in them!

In last just to complete this story about why I am here to write, having a small quote in my mind!

“Dream It, Think It, Work It, Achieve It!”

And I dreamed for this, Have been thinking for it, working on It and I will Achieve it one day. Because,

I Just Started My Journey Of Being That Girl I Always Wanted To Be.! 🙂


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