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Loved Someone Enough To Let Them Go?


Its been a long, she was waiting to meet him.! All they both had was just chatting for 3 months and after that both decided to meet.! In that meeting even she was not sure that how will it work between two of them. All she knew was she was missing him like anything and badly wanted to see him for the first time, as he was the one who always gave butterflies in her stomach.

Uncertain thing was she was meeting him to get married and just a thought of meeting him was enough to make her happy. She was not sure if the guy had the same feelings for her as she had. Only the thing she knew was that he likes her but she did not know about his thoughts on marrying her.!  But she was very curious to know if he had the same feelings or not, wanted to know if she touched his heart enough.?

She prepared herself very well like she bought the best dress, did a very good parlour treatment because all she wanted was to look best for him.Though he was not the first guy whom she would be meeting. But this guy was special for her as he was the one who touched her heart and gave her that musical feeling of love.

6 PM it is. The time both had decided for meeting. She was just very nervous and scared at the same time. She did not wanted to look silly and make any mistake that would spoil there beautiful evening. But nothing went wrong till she met him. She saw him for the first time in gray pair of pants and blue thin lining shirt. He was smiling at her and that moment she probably would have skipped her heart beat for the first time in her life.

Before meeting him she was scared about what she would be talking of with him but then his one smile at her,made her forget everything she had prepared of the whole day. Actually, none of them had decided the perfect place to meet. Both just want to meet but don’t know the place which would be perfect for the date. And as he was hungry because he had to meet her after the office they both decided to have some snacks. Both went to have a sandwich. And she was just not able to eat anything. Because she was staring at him eating his sandwich and thinking that he looks exactly like a small kid who is innocently and having his favorite food. :mrgreen:

Both settled down in his car after having the snacks. Still both are clueless where to go to have some talk. All they were doing is just roaming on road in his car again and again.! :mrgreen: seems quite funny actually that both were reacting like teen-agers in the age of getting married.! 😂

After passing certain moments he just hold her hand. A tight firm hold,which she felt for the first time in her life. She didn’t speak anything actually because all she wanted was to just hold that moment in her mind. She just lied down her head on his shoulder. Probably it was the perfect moment she was eagerly waiting for. The perfect moment with her guy for the first time.!

Its 8 pm showing the watch and she has to leave now. But somehow she knew that may be that is the last time she is seeing him. She just burst out..cried like a baby because she knew this first meeting may be last meeting even,if he would reject her for marriage.! She hit him..punched him because she didn’t know what to say in that 10 minutes of awkward moment.!

She just kissed him on his left chick and said what she wanted to say from last 3 months that she does not know how it happens or what clicks her.! The connection she is feeling with him,she did not feel that with anyone.! And she loves him and wants to get married to him. And tragic moment of that sweet date is he just replied i like you baby, but I don’t feel the same way you feel for me. I can’t marry you.! :'( But I promise you to be your friend for the life time. Somehow she managed to hold a fake smile and hugged him for the first and last time. And get out of his car with a drop of tear in eyes.

She knew this answer from a long back but didn’t have the courage to accept it.! Now she does not have any option except to accept this.! She stood there about 2 minutes and saw him going away from her. All she did was holding a drop of tear in her eyes and letting him go.! She just froze there because all she did was letting that one person go whom she loved!

That date would be the one she would never forget in her life time because he was the only guy who gave her the musical magical feeling in just short span of time.!

The two who will never get the chance to be with each other as a life partners but still manage to keep the promise of being with each other at least as friends for the life time.!


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