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Are You Happy To Be Yourself Again?

What will be your choice?

Just got the message on my whatsapp from very good friend of mine that shows this message!! And I suddenly my life went across my eyes and thinking about the same!

If someday, I get a chance to be anyone in this world then who I want to be? What I am going to choose, myself or any other person? Well, it’s a very tragic question because I still have so many things in my life which I want to have. I want luxury, a happy life, a sweet nice life partner, a long romantic holiday with my partner and the list goes on!!! 😉 The mind is still thinking and thinking and thinking….What I will choose…???????

Well, I guess I have an answer!

Actually, I agree that I might not get everything i like in my life but I can say I am happy with what I did or what I am doing right now with my life.! I did so many mistakes in my life, I took so many wrong decisions even, I am terrible in judging any person but I am still happy for with what I am, what I am doing and what my mistakes made me!! What I had in my past, I survived very well and what I am having right now in my life, I am still doing the best with it!

So the answer of mine…for this question is yes, I dare to choose myself again if I have chance to choose anyone of this world! Because I love myself as what I am! 😉

What will be your answer for this question?


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