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The Memories Of The Bird…That Flew Away…!!!!

Connections Fades Away…!! Memories Not…!!!

Today, I Want to share a story between two friends. The bond between them is kind of strange but I think it happens to everyone when they are living in kind of restricted society in case of friendship or marriage or relationship. Where friendship between a guy and a girl is not something pure after marriage!!!!!


Seems studious but egoistic and wild natured Anup came with his three friends in a seminar regarding Hacking! He loves technology regarding Hacking concepts.

The fun loving and friendly natured Niza came with her good friend to attend the same. She does not have any interest regarding hacking and all. She came because her friend dragged her to attend the seminar with her. Both took place exact behind the Anup and his friends.

The seminar started and Niza was actually feeling bored with all that things. But she got random laughter hearing all the comments which Anup and his friends were making. She was actually enjoying that seminar with all the comments. Anup was marking all the things with his blink of eyes that Niza and her friend seems to be friendly.

Seminar completed, both group has exchanged their details like where all are studying and contact details.

Days passed on, Niza and Anup became very good friends of each other. Anup liked Niza’s frankness and boldness. Niza liked the same of Anup’s but hated his wildness and egoistic nature. But something was common between them which made their friendship stronger day by day and that was they both were full of life and wanted to enjoy the life at fullest! The friendship between them was like lightning in the rainy night! Both liked each other because they both can be childish, emotional, funny, and naughty with each other. Their friendship was special for them. Because both can send any kind of messages, can give random hugs, can annoy each other and moreover both had lots of fights about their stupidity. 😛  The bond they were sharing was not love actually but they loved each other for their individuality!

Both stood up for each other when the other needed the most. The one fine day came when Anup needed Niza the most and it was the day when his marriage fixed up with a random girl chosen by his kind of orthodox parents. She tried her best to give him the best solution to get married to that girl because he had no option left.

One cold evening, both decided to meet, for the last time. Both were going to apart because the girl with whom Anup was going to married was not so friendly and orthodox even. The option left between them was to break all the connection between them as Anup does not want to take any risk in his married life. And so Niza was also agreed to do that. That one hour between them was the most awkward moments between them. Sit in front of each other without exchanging a single word. Niza tried very hard to hold her tears in front of Anup as she did not wanted to make him feel low.

Finally both stood up and hugged each other. Last hug. She had drop of tear in her eyes. She gave her Gannu (Lord Ganesha) to him for his new life. She stood by him in his worst time till now and in future she won’t be so she gave her best wishes to him for his future. Still he was silent. He had nothing to say. Not a single word. His silence made her so lame in that moment.

Niza, at her home, after the meeting. Her phone beeped. Last message from Anup:

“I know you were crying from inside so I did not say anything because I don’t want you to cry in front of me. Thank you so much for all your love and care till now. In future we won’t be in touch. But you will always live in my heart. Because you are the first girl of my life with whom I was totally myself. Forgive me if any of my steps hurt you anytime. I always love you the way you are. Don’t change yourself for any fu*king person. You are precious and special. You always be my best friend. Take care and best of luck for your life.”

Niza literally burst out after this message. After that message all the 4 years of their friendship came in front of her eyes like it was a movie.  The laughter, the hugs, the fights, the nonsense talks, the random kisses on chicks and hands. She could not control on her tears now. She cried. And then she replied:

“You never hurt me Anup. Thank you so much for our friendship. Keep one thing in your mind, never feel alone. Whenever you need a friend, I will be there for you always. I am just a call away from you. Take care and have a very great life ahead. Love you always. And don’t be more jungli in your life.! :D”

– – – – –

Time flew and it’s been 5 years to this message. Both have no connection between them till this time but still both are missing each other sometimes. And when they miss each other, just smile and pray for each other that he/she is happy in his/her life!!

I have shared this story because I was the witness to their friendship.!!!! And at sometime I was the part of it.!! 😥 And I am proud and happy to be the part of their childish but matured friendship! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Memories Of The Bird…That Flew Away…!!!!

  1. M speechless 😶…. And my heart just skipped a beat… What friendship was that…!!! and I am preety much sure that anup still missing niza and still open her Facebook profile once in a day just to see her smiling face… This kinda relationship every boy wants atleast one in his life… And M sure anup Neva eva forget his first girl… I dont believe how can i skipp this article to read.. There is lot more but now I am not able to find words to explain…

    Extremely touching….💜💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Prince! 🙂 I knew from the day I wrote this article that you skipped this to read it. But anyways, Thank you so much!

      Well, I know it’s easy to search niza on social media. I wish she could do the same thing for Anup that she can find him once in a while and get in touch with him again. 😦 But she can not, I know! 🙂 Whatever, if Anup is happy in his life then here, Niza is also happy for him! 🙂


  2. I am sure when anup said not to contact me anymore he didn’t mean not to open even his social media profile.. he just meant to say that niza could not be in touch with him.. Niza still can see his on social media and any where she can like he does.. 🙂 anyways… like this post very much…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel really bad for you hearing about your nanima’s death… But you have yo be strong because this is the way of life.. Everyone who have came has to go once.. And believe me, dont be 😔 because even your nanima wouldn’t like her princess crying.. I wish I could be there to share your sorrows.. Anyways be strong ok… I dont want you to cry anymore now… Smile and take a selfie and share here I wanna see your smiling face…

        Liked by 1 person

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