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It Is Natural To Feel Jealous…!

Yeah… It Is..!! :/

Well, working in a IT company and if you are not feeling this question ever then I think either you are at highest position of the company or you are not a normal kind of human being! 😛 This is rightly said that everything is not in our hands and we should just concentrate on our work and blah blah blah….But as a normal person, it is very natural to feel professional jealousy and competition.

Actually, I was sitting in a office and thinking about the work I am doing! From last 15 days I professionally didn’t do any creative thing as a programmer. Project launched and all is about to complete in some one or two days and so after that new project will be assigned to me. But the thing was bothered me that my senior is giving importance to my junior and I don’t know the reason behind that.  We both are having same qualification, we both are working on the same project and we both are doing hard work for the project. But still he is taking importance from the senior. (This feels ridiculous actually!!! 😛 )

But I think it bothers every one whoever is working in a company. May be the person with whom I working is more intelligent or some extra guts to seeking attention ( 😀 😛 ) but its human nature which gives the feel of jealous, I guess! But it’s alright till the time I am happy with what I am doing. The appreciation is quite negligible compared to self-satisfaction.! And I guess, that’s matter a lot!!!!


2 thoughts on “It Is Natural To Feel Jealous…!

  1. I Think you thinking wrong…its may possible that..you are enough intelligent to done your work..so that why they just not telling you anything .instead of feeling jealous you should focus on your work…becoz in the future right people find you. All the Best .. 🙂

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