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Time Passes On…But Some Marks Won’t Go…!!!!


Last night I was having conversation with my friend about relationships. And I feel strange that the story for every second person of the world is the same!

In the middle of the conversation someone popped up in my mind with the same situation she has faced in her life. So here I am with the story of one of my friend Prachi and Dishan!! The story in which you can feel that how one person can change the whole life of the other!!!!


The girl, named as Prachi was in a relationship with a guy, Dishan. Both met in a 3 days and 2 nights college seminar. Both became friends first and then slowly they were in a committed relationship. Prachi was so sweet and caring in compared to Dishan as per friends of both. And Dishan should feel lucky to have Prachi in his life. And he was actually in starting.

The relationship both are having was completely filmy plot. The stupid talks or small fights or romance or anything, both were so happy with each other. But it has been truly said that everyday will not be the same! The relationship between them was also not being the same like filmy sweet romantic story when the interference of Dishan’s friends increased. They started influencing Dishan a lot about Prachi’s friends and her parents. In starting Dishan was neutral between his friends and Prachi but situation get worst in sometime and everything was messed up.

One worst day, Dishan’s best friend said him that Prachi does not love him as she did not agreed to take next step for their relationship. And this thing stuck in Dishan’s mind and thenDishan asked Prachi to get intimated with him on their fifth year anniversary of their lovely relationship. Prachi denied for that step as she was so upset with Dishan and his friends about misjudging her. And so she did not want to take that step at that point of time. Because she wanted to get married to Dishan and then she wanted to take that step. Both had terrible fight at that time.

That was the moment when Prachi literally felt that she was with the wrong guy because as she said no to get intimated with him, he slapped her abused her and scold her. The fight increased at a worst level that Prachi fainted because of Dishan’s physical abusiveness. Dishan left from there when she actually needed him the most, in her unconsciousness.

Days passed on after that but Dishan did not realize his fault. And with the help of her parents Prachi finally broke up with Dishan. The beautiful relationship ended there just because of Dishan’s friends and his pathetic mentality.

But after that breakup Prachi was suffering from depression. The depression phase of Prachi was the kind of worst any person can have. She tried to kill herself two times even. With so many difficulties by her parents and friends, Prachi succeeded to get herself out of that depression phase.

Seems everything is normal but one thing was there which is not normal. And that is Prachi herself. The sweet, innocent and caring Prachi became blunt, stubborn and arrogant. The one who believes in love the most at someday, today she does not trust anyone, does not believe anyone! The friends who knew her from a long time, they felt strange when they meet Prachi now. They always ask Prachi that how can one person change her like in this way they were never imagined her ever!

The real life story ends here. Prachi is so much happy in her changed behavior but the conversation with my friend literally gives me thought of that phase of Prachi.

The worst thing of any relationship is that in which any guy/girl has to face the kind of conditions after which they changed their change themselves completely!

Truly said by my friend that “You cannot imagine how the person whom we loved the most at sometime, changes us in a way where we cannot even imagine ourselves and worst part is we cannot be as the same we were before even!!!”


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