Randomize Feel..Through Post!

On Work? In School/College? Naah… Just Watching CRICKET!!!!

India…. India……!!!! India…. India…..!!!!!

I am sitting in my office, doing exactly nothing just searching on Google and reading blogs. Except me in my office, each 11 persons who are my team mates having so much work to do. All are busy in their own systems doing some work. I was surprised why all the eye are on their systems and not even talking to others. Curiously, I went to one of my colleague and what I was watching I get surprised because all are busy in watching Semi final..! 😛

I don’t know what is happening to all Indians where it comes to Cricket! It’s just a semi-final of World Cup 2015 between Australia and India today.

Anywhere in India you go, any place of the world you choose where Indians are living I guess this craze is like this only. We don’t know anything about our national game, Hockey or any other Indian games or international games. But we hate those who do not know about Cricket or who do not like Cricket! 😛

The craze is not limited for watching the game only. There are several instances of Indian cricket fans arranging elaborate pujas or going on a ceremonial fast on the eve of a final game of a significant international tournament. People work out their social events, leaves from office and travel plans tallying with the Indian cricket team’s schedule. (As right now I am seeing in my office.! 😀 )

The main flip side exists when the match is between India and Pakistan. The scenario created as it is World War! 😀 Incidents of heart attacks during a nail-biting finish or even suicide at the loss of Indian side have also been known to occur.

But the huge cricket mania in India has undeniably turned the sport into a large industry in the country. A lot of money spins around the sport and multiplies its effect in the national economy to the benefit of everybody.

So, cricket mania in India has a stronghold upon its populace, which is hard to ignore.There is no other religion in India where there is no one Hindu or Muslim! All are just Indians and wants to enjoy the Cricket! You can like or dislike Cricket but you any how enjoy the craziness of rest of the others!

The fact is I don’t feel that craze ever for Cricket actually. So I sit on my desk and can write about Cricket Fever in India except watching the game and yelling about six or four or any wicket! 😀


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