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Am I Not Too Girly For A Guy?

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Yes, I like!

He said, he does not like me. He does not like my childishness, my craziness and my way of doing things. He does not like the way I treat the person who insult me or who is not true to me. He does not like me for I am being too honest for anything. He does not like me because I am a girl who is thinking like a guy in the sense of making jokes or taking risks or making fun of something. He does not like me because I am not too girly in case of getting ready or for makeup or getting scared when someone is stalking me or any other thing that defines a girly behavior (Still I don’t know what is the definition of girly behavior!! 😛 )

I do like him the way he is. The way he makes himself calm and stress free all the time. The way he does not get angry when situation is not in his favor and the way he does his work whole day that he actually forget himself. I do respect his individuality.

The conversation I had last time with him, makes me confused, disappointed. He dragged me into deep thinking that am I not too girly for a guy? 😛 Should I change myself? Should I try makeup like an actress? Should I try to wear kurtis, salwars, patialas or saris and avoid to wear shorts or jeans and tee?Should I change myself and stop sending adult jokes to my close friends and try to hold my laughter in public places when I really want to laugh aloud?

I was literally not feeling good. And was having low feeling somehow as all this bullsh*t things said by the person whom I respect and like a lot.

– – – – –

I just got beeped from y best friend. I was chatting with her and she understood my silence and my rudeness very well. She called me and asked me what is going in my mind which is freaking me like this much. I just shared the thing with her. She did not said anything actually. She just took a deep breath and said go in front of the mirror. I was surprised why she is playing game like this at this moment. But I had no option and so I did the thing she told me to do. She said, look in the mirror and tell me do you really feel to change yourself just because some as**le does not like as you are not too girly? Just because he thinks that you are not his cup of tea? Look in the mirror and tell me are you happy with not doing makeup and cracking adult jokes to your friends?

I just had the big smile on my face after the call and I know what I have to do.

– – – – –

I just typed a message to him with image 😉

I m who i m
Thank you so much for not liking me and for the realization that I am not in this world to be liked by you. I am here to make myself happy. That’s what I did till now and I think I will continue to do that.

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