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Real girls

This is something which every girl wants to make realize the hypo critic guys who misjudge a girl from her dressing or the way she talks to some guy.!

Love Relished With Ink

Our society always judges all girls…she’s like this…she’s like that..she’s this type of girl…and she’s that type..
Today let me introduce you to the real type, the real girls !

She is a blend of Modern and Traditional values.. U can give her any name.. I am actually not too good at that..
Such type of girls are independent.. They are liberal.. They will party late night.. They may or may not love liquor.. But will always keep their family values above anything else.. That is not because they are afraid of their parents.. No not at all..
That’s because they love their parents so much that they won’t do anything that they know wouldn’t be liked by their parents…They just give respect to the independence and trust, their parents have shown in them.
When it comes to dressing, they can be hot at one time, and totally tom boyish…

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