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Fairy Tale….Waiting To Be Happened…..!

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I feel connected with the love stories I read or watch and usually I get tears in my eyes also if there is something a heartbroken thing running. But I am afraid to fall for some wrong person at right time or right person at wrong time. I always have dreamed of my prince charming that someday he will come on a white horse and take me with him forever. But that was a long back ago when I was too young to understand the reality! 😀

It’s not like that I am too mature to understand reality. 😀 But I hated the people who do not maintain the physical distance. I don’t get usually attracted towards the people who are good looking or rich or who has big cars or anything. What makes me impressed is how they treat me, how they treat others.  The annoying feeling I get when someone pretends to be so close that they can do anything with me and I just have to follow him. Being a woman I just have to follow him on his opinion.

All this kind of stuff gives me the scary feeling for commitment. I don’t really believe in marriage and true love and happily ever after as it portrayed in movies and books. And that’s the reason that I run away from the people easily. The simple thought I can have behind this is, I run away, I don’t get attached and If I don’t get attached, I don’t get disappointments and hurt.

I still have the belief that one day someone will come and make me realize that everything was just a test drive until the master piece doesn’t get ready. 😀 I am literally waiting desperately who makes me feel that long term commitment is not that much difficult to take if you have the right hand to hold on!


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