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A Fresh Start…!!!! With New Me, New Us!!!!


She is on his bike. Both were just so comfortable with each other on the second meeting. Both were on a random date because their friends thought to hook them up with each other. Both went to have dinner at 10.30 pm. She was tired a lot and wants to feel fresh. He was hungry and feels to have dinner. Both were talking about their bad relationships they had. The ride was awesome for her and he is making her comfortable. She opened up her heart to him as how bad she had terrible relationships. He was just driving a bike and cracking some random PJs when she feels awkward. She feels amazing after having talk with him as he just listen her patiently.

In case with him, he had also terrible relationship with a girl for 4 long years and after that she get married to another guy.

In the matter of relationships both are at same stage! Both have f**ked up their career and life because of relationship. Both have the same regrets about their decisions.

She has just one day left in the city and she wants to be with him as much as she can because she feels good about herself when she is around with him. Both have decided that they will spend rest of the day with each other.

So that was the second date at 6 in the morning. A bike, two persons who are comfortable with each other and a long drive!!!!! What more can be left to have a good day. The last day and both are having so many moments to have as memory. A date which has tea at small tea stall, early morning movie show, holding hands with each other, flirty talks, stupid PJs, loud laughter, teasing each other and teary eyes on the moment of being apart. What more can make a date perfect!!!!!!!

A beautiful new start…The start of a new friendship, relationship in which there is no any guilt or secrets. Just have one promise to be happy and make other happy!!! 🙂


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