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Let Go & Find Your Happiness!


How the strange feeling is where you have to  decide something critical but needy step.

Once you have thought that you can’t live without, you are letting it go. The person you thought was yours only, you have to see them with someone else.!The awkward moment for anyone when you just need to take a hard step of leeting him/her go from you. Because together you both can not live happy and you can not see him/her eith anyone else also.!

The stage of life comes where you have to choose one thing only either close the chapter or turn the page again.! I think, this stage comes to anyone’s life because life is making you strong enough to make yourself happy in finding the right person who is truly made for you.!

I think, closing the book of suffer and finding the right happiness is better than reading the same chapter again and again and giving pain to yourself.!

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