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Time To Get Energy…


Thinking about the same thing again and again? Feeling numb about the past or future or even present? Having question in mind that what you are feeling is enough worth to think about or not? How much time you gave to something or someone is worth or not?

The question we always have in our minds. And I guess everyone has the answer of this question but not for themselves but for others. The thing which I want to share today is, whenever the situation comes just take a short break from that thing. I am not saying to go away from that particular thing but just give sometime to yourself so you can get the answer of your questions. Go on a short vacation or have talk with your friend or write anything or draw a painting or dance or sing or do nothing exactly. But take a break. Because mind cannot find what really bothers you if you think about something again and again.

Have a break which can give you enough time to get energized again for the solutions. Give enough time to yourself in which you actually focus on finding the solution for your problems not on the problems. Have time to think about what you really want.

So, if you are having this numb situation in your life, take time to gear up again!!!


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