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The Choices Which I want To Make..Not You.!!!!!!

It Should Be My Choice Only!!

Recently I was going through some news about the video of Women Empowerment #MyChoice, by vogue with Deepika. And I have come through different reviews about that video. In fact, there is another video having male version of that. So many grey shades I am hearing about these videos.

I don’t understand actually why there are so many opinions regarding these videos because in today’s time, everyone has that much maturity to give freedom to their partner about choosing anything which makes themselves happy. Getting married or not, having baby or not, working or being house wife, having affair or not, losing virginity before marriage or after marriage, wear saari or shorts-top all are the choices a woman can have and same way man even. There is no point of disrespecting any woman or man by having this choice.

The video is calling as Women Empowerment because the society has hypo critic mentality about women’s choice regarding this. Today even a woman has to face all the hypo critic mentality of his partner regarding having pregnancy or having sex before marriage or freely talk about sex with her partner. I totally agree there are several males in this world also who are suffering from his partner about having affair after marriage or not comfortable to having child at some point of time. But the message of the video is not about a single woman or a single man, it is for every second person whom you meet, with whom you are talking or having lunch or dinner or sharing your feelings that either it’s woman or man, there should be equal rights and equal choices.!!!!

The simple thing is common between both videos is give freedom to choosing the way he/she wants to follow. If someone is asking this freedom that does not mean they are arrogant or stubborn or he/she disrespect his/her partner. It simply shows that they are in love with you but that does not mean they cannot live with their dreams or choices.

So friends, Respect the choice of your partner and give them freedom to follow what they want to do.! Because if you can’t sacrifice your choice for anyone then don’t expect this thing from your partner also!

Sharing the video of #WomenEmpowerment female version video. Share your feelings here what you all are thinking about this?


2 thoughts on “The Choices Which I want To Make..Not You.!!!!!!

  1. I respect your views about the video. However, I honestly felt that it tried to portray women as a superior sex which is completely missing the point of feminism which stands for EQUAL rights for both the sexes. According to stats, every 9 minutes, a man commits suicide and every 12 minutes a woman is raped. However only the latter is glorified which is not what feminism stands for. It doesn’t advocate fighting for special rights for women. It only wants women to be on the same pedestal as men, which the video fails to put forth.
    Also, one thing that irked me was that deepika said that it is her choice whether she wanted to have sex outside of marriage. Isn’t that a chauvinistic statement?
    P.S : you must read a couple of my articles titled ‘A Feminist Dream’ and ‘International Women’s Day – A Facade’ they’re on the same lines and they’ll sure catch the fancy of a wonderful woman with such strong views as yours 🙂

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    1. I agree with you totally. it missed quite feminism. and the statement deepika has made is not proper even.. I think its meaning showing different and incomplete.! Whatever it is. The meaning of that video is just equality should be at both the sides. If a man has every right to choosing career or raising voice about anything or getting married then a woman has also same rights.!! 🙂

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