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Love Which Lost….Killed All The Pain…


She sat on her bed. Felt numb. Felt heartbroken. Felt threatened. Flashback was running in front of her eyes or mind. He is the same guy who made her feel special. He is the same guy who gives her the feel of security. What did go wrong? What happened to both? Why she is in this stage? Where was her fault? She has no any clue why he did this to her?

The way he proposed her was the best feeling she had in her mind. He came with balloons and roses and a piece of pastry at a coffee shop. He gave pastry to her, both ate the pastry and at the last bite she saw some sparkling thing there in that last piece. In shock state of her, he took that golden sparkling thing in his hand, bends down to his knees and said, I don’t want you to be with any guy and do your non-sense stupid stuff and make fun of yourself. I want to know how much you can be naughty or childish or all the sides of yours. I want to be your partner in your pranks for the rest of my life. So will you accept me as your prank partner or doing-naughty-stuffs-with-the-friends- partner or only partner in your all the stuffs for the next 50-60 years?? She just couldn’t believe that he proposed her with a golden ring in his hand and she just had teary eyes and said YES..!!!

What a beautiful relationship was it and today he just said this!!!! He was the guy for whom she had fights with her parents or the whole world but today what she had saw and what he said made her numb. She just saw him with another girl getting intimated. The place was the same where they both once got intimated with each other and decided their future children’s name and had so many memories of their relationship. How can he cheat on her? She couldn’t understand where was her fault which makes him take this step?

When she saw him with another girl, she asked the reason and he bluntly said that I was getting bored with you so I did that.!! You are so childish and naughty and I love you for the same. But I want to have some change. I am obviously going to marry you only, it’s just temporary. Just to have fun only. The blunt answer from the person whom she love the most made her angry or shattered or numb. She just slapped him and went out of there without saying any more word.

But now, when she is in her room, crying and thinking about the moments she had with him and how she was fighting with her parents gave depression. She was in the vital stage of depression. The phase where she is angry on her not on him because her friends told her that he is not the perfect for her, her parents said the same thing to her. But she did not understand all this things at that time. Now she is feeling scared how she will face her friends or parents. How she can tell them that she broke up with him because he cheated on her as he was bored of her.

She stood. She is trying to find something. The thing which may end all this feeling in just no time. She made her room in total mess. She found something, grip that thing tightly. Grab a picture of her parents, hold it tightly and said “Sorry. I love you.”Β Write down two lines in a paper.

I told you, I will be finished If you leave…

I am finished now.

She saw the blade in her hand, hold it tightly and cut her vain of left hand in no time with teary eyes and having feeling of cheated.

She finished herself in loving of wrong person at right time.!!!!!!!


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