Daily thought

Survival? Happiness? One Step To Balance Both…!


Saturday’s off or not. Stuck in office like me or still lying on bed and feeling lazy. Feeling happy in what you are doing professionally or not. No any question matters if you know very well about which thing makes you happy and which thing gives you enough money to survival.

Simple, I am working as a programmer or designer which gives me money but not happiness. And what makes me happy, like writing, is not giving me money but happiness. So it is totally OK if you are in the phase of same like me. The main question occurs when it comes for balancing both the situation between happiness and survival. Money can’t buy you happiness and happiness can’t give you enough money, that’s the tragedy of life! But having the goal in your mind gives you enough courage to balance both of them.

Just set a thing in mind that you have to work for someone else, having job for your survival so you can’t compromise with that. Whatever comes, you have to face it anyhow. And when you face it well, you can have time for yourself or to find your real dreams or make yourself happy. And I am sure, you won’t compromise with this even! 🙂 That’s how you can define the life of yourself with your own words.!!!!

The happiness in both cases, comes from inside only if you have decided your goal very well and give promise to yourself to be happy in both the ways.!!!!!



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