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The Lesson Which Life Taught Us….!!!!!!


Message beeped.

“I am engaged.”

She shocked. She had drop of tear in her eyes.

She didn’t reply. She knew it will happen one day. He didn’t actually ditch her. It’s just she didn’t expect this to happen so fast.

OK, she rejected him for marriage. She is fine with that decision because there were so many issues between both of them which are not solved at right time and they mutually took decision to not getting married to each other.

But they had 2 years of serious relationship. Just had some misunderstandings and it was crashed!

Everything is just running in flashback. And she is feeling nervous or angry or nothing. But in sometime she would be fine,sure. Because she knows she has to accept the reality.

– – – – –

After two days :

Phone rang. That was him. She managed herself to be strong and pick up the phone.

First thing he said, “you didn’t tell me how was my picture?”

She refused that she didn’t see the picture yet, though she saw. The picture of his engagement made her freaked out but she didn’t react much. He said, “OK”.

She cut the phone in no-time.

– – – – –

Next day, evening :

She got his call again. And now she is irritated. She just pick up his call and burst out.

“ What the hell you are thinking of yourself. I know, OK you are engaged now. Congratulations for that. I know I said no to you for getting married with you. And the reasons behind this you knew very well. You had doubts on my commitment. You treated me like your servant. You were rude. You were behaving like an as***le and we had mutual decision of not marrying to each other. It’s fine that, you found a girl who is virgin or who is shy and mature and sensitivity.  Fine that, you agreed to your parents’ decision. I am also happy in my life to not getting engaged to you. I made the right decision, OK? But just stop talking about your fiance OK? I don’t want to talk about it. And I don’t know why I am talking like this, but I know myself. I will be fine soon. You just don’t need to worry about me.”  😥

She cried. She was angry, not because he is engaged now or he is talking about his fiance. She does not even the reason why she was angry or why she is having tears in her eyes because of him.

After all the frustration completed, he just said, “I know you were upset that’s why I have called you. Because I have been your dustbin when you literally feel upset and I want you to give me the baggage of your restlessness or all the other feelings which gives you pain right now. I knew we are not going to marry so parents has decided this and I finally agreed. I asked you about this so many times and you were OK with this. Yes, it was my fault that I have given you so many bad memories in our relationship. But don’t get angry when I am about to leave. I don’t want you to remember bad good bye. I have the best time of my life with you only and same you too have. Unfortunately we will not be together as husband-wife but core of my heart will always miss you because you were there with me, when no one dared to be with me.”

The last sentence from both of them was, “Will miss you. Take care. Have a good life.”

– – – – –

Some relationships not meant to be lasts forever. There is no any logical reason that why a person come into our life for some time and left us after teaching a beautiful lesson that,

Time solves most things. You just have to let fly someone whose role has completed in your life, because holding them tightly gives you and them only pain, not happiness!!!

The only thing life teach us, What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t.



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