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Feel The Beats And Make Yourself Free..!!!


This is Sunday and one of my favorite day actually!! 😛 The whole day having the best time to be with yourself!

So, It is common to have any subject in mind and write or have any picture in mind and draw it or have music beats and dance. Everyone can do that. Actually, in regular basis we do this only.

Just once, try something different. Try something unique. Don’t think about subject or picture or beat or anything. Take a deep breath, make yourself calm and feel that one thing which your heart feels. Whatever it may a image or beat or any random thought is running. And then follow your heart.

Listen the beat of your heart. The tunes which your heart is making and feel the phase of life where no noise, no any unwanted sound, no any disturbance, just you and the sound of your heart which makes you so calm and give the energy of being yourself!! The beat of your heart give you the way to find yourself positive for the future.!!!!

Try to listen the beat of your heart. Listen what exactly is running in your heart. Know what your heart is truly begging for. Read the line which your heart wants to tell you from long. Slowly make your move. Go with this flow and see how beautiful the life is!!!


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