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A Step Into Childhood…!!! Makes Me Smile..!!!


Sitting in the office and got a message in WhatsApp, having images of my nephew enjoying his childhood in playground and play house. And suddenly I was thinking about my childhood actually. Whoever of 80’s, knows very well that we didn’t have actually any electronics gadgets except video games, we have only playgrounds to play Cricket or Kho-Kho or Kabbadi or any other game. And I think we have the best time of our lives in that time.

Just sharing some funny memories we all used to do in our childhood and we proudly accept this even. 😛 The moments I miss, I cherish a lot.

large (1)


This was my favorite serial!!! 😉8831ff36d2e38205be736734fe0bf600_small





May be, still I do the same..! 😛


Yeah, it’s funny. But i believed this! 😦





And last is, my favorite game!!! 😛 😀 For that, I literally had fights with my younger brother as we both had only one video game!! 😉


When I was child I wanted to be young soon, but I think that was the biggest mistaken thought I was having!!!! Right now, where I am standing I literally want to be child again!! And true it is, we forget to keep that child in our heart to survive in this world.! But sometimes it’s necessary to be childish and stupid to enjoy our life as we did in childhood!



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