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Feelings…Beyond The Words…!!!!


He asked her, after a long teasing and childish talk “Define the perfect relationship or love. Actually leave the perfect relationship, but tell me about our relationship. What you want to give or expecting in this relationship.?

After a long buzz, she answered; Actually I don’t know what is the definition of perfect relationship. But I can tell you what I can give. I don’t want any melodramatic relationship. I don’t want to be your girl friend only. I want to be your best friend with whom you can talk about anything. I want to be your sibling even with whom you can fight over stupid things. I want to be your mother even so when you are sick or not feeling good, I can take care of yourself. I want to be your father also so when you feel helpless so I can guide you. I want to be that one person with whom you never feel ashamed to be with or with whom you can make love as well as you can have that relief kind of feeling that there is one person who will never judge you for being sentimental or naughty or angry or anything. And the thing of what I want in this is simple, just happiness! I want to be happy with you. That’s it! 

He felt strange after this reply because he didn’t know she will answer like this. He said exactly nothing for the next five minutes, after that, he broke his silence “I am happy to have you in my life. I didn’t have this kind of relationship ever and I don’t think I will ever get. Even I also want to be happy yaar, after having a terrible past relationship, I actually forget to smile. I know our relationship is hard to explain in words to others or even to us also. But one thing, I can promise you, I will make you happy in every possible manner. I know you are hard to understand and harder to handle. But I know, I won’t get tears in my life in future when I will think of you. You will always in top of my priority list because, you are MY GUARDIAN ANGEL. And I love you for that.”


The start of a beautiful relationship in which the persons who are involved, don’t have enough words to explain their relationship..!!! 🙂


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