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Words Does Not matter In True Relationship


Both had fight. That was casual talk between both of them. He used to tease her anf she gets angry. This routine is casual between them.

But today she skipped her meal, didn’t have anything in preparation of meeting him. She has to go to parlour for the normal stuffs, has to do starightened hair because he like straight hair only, has to buy some sexy lingries of his favourit colour because she is going to live with him next night. She prepared almost everything.

Finally, she buzzed him to come on skype for video chat. He came, she sae him, she was blushing, he was sarcastically smiling. But his PJs made her angry. As always he said, “you don’t need to come here. Therr are lot of girls out there I can be with anyone of them.” She tried to avoid the anger, but she failed. She gets angry and said,” OK, go on with them. Bye.” And she cut the video call.

She had tears in her eyes, because she likes him. And she was tired of all the preparation she had made. And he didn’t even care to give her a single compliment of her new look.

He called her on skype for video call again.! And he knew that she cried because of his teasing. He jst said one thaing which makes her smile again. He said, “yes, there are so many options I am having to br with them. But I like when you feel jealous of them. I have that blushing smilr on my face when you say, “whatever it is. You have option or not. But obviouely you don’t have any option to love without me.I like when you be my ‘jhalli’ and I feel happy to see that, someone is afraid to loose me. It is not alwaus what I say generally. It is all about what I feel for you. And I Love You, that you know very well.
– – – – –

True it is, sometimes it’s all about hoe you feel avout something/someone and how you treat them and make them feel.!! 🙂

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