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Distance, Means To Rebonding Connection With More Passion.!


It has been 10 days and she didn’t saw him. Its was happening so fast that she didn’t know that she will fall for him. The guy, who is actually not cup of tea for her. Because she is dark and short while he is handsome, rich and tall. But somehow destiny creates situation like this both became friends first and then started liking each other.

And today was the day when both are going tp meet after 10 long days and even after confessing the feeling of theirs. She was waiting for him at the bus-stop. She came there to meet him only and he is also so much excited about meeting her again. Hebis late by 10 minutes. But she is for the firtlst time not angry on anyone to make her wait. She is relaxed, calm and happy.

He recognize her from a long distance from her movenents and body language though she covered her face with a scarf. He smiled like a baby. She sat on his bike and both are on the way to his place.

Both reached at his place. There is a big silence in the room. Both looked at each other and smiled. He hugged her tightly. He gave a kiss on her forhead. She blushed. Yes strangely, a girl who thought she will never feel that kind of girly feeling in her life after the past relationships, she was blushing after a long time.

He said, I Love You Jhalli. She gave him a kiss and said, I Love You Too, Idiot

– – – – – –

Sometimes some little fights are necessary to rebond the connection. Sometimes it’s hard to explain in words how we miss someone till the time they don’t hold us.!

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