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Flashbacks Of Past….Makes Relationship Weird.!


She is with him. She is happy. Finally, she is enjoying herself being with him. The way he treats her actually feels her special because that’s she is actually. A bold, blunt, trying to portraying herself strong to everyone. He gave her that space where she is actually a normal kind of girl who is sweet, heart broken and emotionally unavailble girl.

That night, she said to him she wants to get drunk. She wants to try something new. He agreed. He gave her a glass of vodka. She likes it, because he didn’t pass the remark that ‘you are a girl and you should not get drunk.’

She is in her senses after the drink but she opened up herself. She talked about her worst experience in a relationship, how she broke the trust of her parents, how she managed herself after break up and everything. May be that was d result of that vodka that she is not stoping from her talks. She started crying. He was there to hold her hand and made her fall asleep.

Before sleeping, she just said or feel that she was saying something, ” Why we became so weak in front of the person whom we love the most? I know that was the best decision I have taken of leaving him. But if he was not going to be with me, tgen why he gave the commitment? Or why he proposed me even with a golden ring? If he wanted to leave, then why he put all the blame on me when I did not do amything wrong to him.?”

He holded her hand tightly and said,“You are a strong girl, yaar. Don’t waste more tears for that asholes who doesn’t have your value. You are a very special person and you should be treated as special always.” He holded her hand tightly and said, “Feel this connection and imagine, if you didn’t have break up with him then how we can meet?”

This statement from him, gave a big smile on her face and she finally was asleep with the last words, “I love you.” He gave kiss on her forhead, smiled back and said, “I love you, too.”

– – – – –

“You need to end something, to start something new, with new feelings and the new breeze”

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