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Do I Have Any Option? No, You Don’t… (Part-1)


She is on the way back to her place. She is happy, feels awesome. She closed her eyes and thinking about the last 24 hours spent with him.

It was evening, and she had confusion about his behaviour. She was thinking that he was bored of him anf so he is trying to avoid him. He saw her upset and angry and silent. Its a one of rare moment when she can be silent. And that was the sign for him that he should not try even try to talk to her as she is in a very terrific mood. He went out, baught her gav chocolate ice cream, gave her. He actually ate chocolate ice cream with her though he hate that.

After that, he asked her to get up, she did the same. He looked into her eyes, came close to her and hugged her tightly and said, “I know what you are thinking. I am not bored of you. You know very well, some of my unsuccessful plans regarding my business freaks me out. I am so happy to be with you. So relax. I am not bored with you jhalli, and even if I am bored with you, then even do I have any option.??? “ 😉  This statement of his  and she gave a strong, naughty gaze to him and said, “NOOOOO……” And she locked her lips to his lips even more tightly.

– – – – –

Sometimes it’s good to have small misunderstanding to feel the passion.!

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