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Do I Have Any Option? No, You Don’t…! (Last, Part – 3)


From morning, both were together. It was the last day with him and she was in a very weird mood. Sometimes she felt happy for the time she spent with him. Sometimes she was bit upset because she does not want to go.!! 😦

She did not think that a flop movie can be so interesting and have a worth to watch. (Again movie, its weird but interesting) A bucket of pop corn, holding hands and random kisses made her feel relax. She completed her work which she had for what she was in the city. Again a bike ride but this time its something more interesting as God made  this ride even more romantic with little rain.! She loves rain and he hate that. But as always, he didn’t have any option except to enjoy the rain with her.!!!!! 😉

She packed her stuff and ready to leave. She was angry on him because  he was not stopping her from going. Again, he felt her restlessness. He just stopped his bike and asked her for tea. She agreed. She had tear drops in her eyes, he saw. He said, “I like when you get angry. Because that shows you don’t want to go. Its cute when you have someone who does not want to leave you becaause that person loves to be with you in any situation. But don’t worry. I am coming to your place in somedays to meet you,jhalli, you know that na!!! !” She smiled and said, “Yes, I know. And don’t ditch me, idiot.! I will wait.”

He dropped her to the bus stop. She collect her tickets. She hugged him and said with drop of tear , “I don’t want to go. Do I have any option? ” He smiled at her, gave kiss on her forhead and said, “Nooo jhallli…Love you. Take care.” She waved at her and said, “Love you too,idiot.! “

– – – – –

She opened her eyes with smile on her face. That was the awesome time with him and she is relaxed now. Her phone beeped. A message from him.

“That was the great time I have spent with you. I know, I did not give you enough time. I am sorry for that. But the moments I had with you, was the best moments of my life. I know you want to stay here more time. But you know that you have to go back. I love myself when I am with you, so I am not going to ditch you and I will come for sure to meet you.! And I know if I will not come then you are going to kill me for sure my dramebaaz jhalli. Because I know, I DON’T HAVE ANY OPTION.!!!!! “

She blushed and replied, “You better know me. I can kill you. 😉 and yes, NO WAYS. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY OPTION MY IDIOT…”

– – – – –

You don’t need to be mature always in relationship. Its good to have some spiced drama in a relationship.!!!

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