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Do I Have Any Option? No, You Don’t..! (Part – 2)


After that misunderstanding, both went to have dinner with one of their friend.. When they were on the way to the place, she was feeling like he would avoid her in front of his friend. But that won’t happen actually. He was even more sweet in front of his friend.

Dinner with friend, cracking jokes, knowing about his friend’s stories and some randome gaze to each other everything feels her special in his own ways. She was feeling that he is not with her for making love only, he actually loves her in his own ways because he is not ashamed of her stupidity, her past, her wildness or in his own words, being jhalli.

He promised her that both will went for the walk on empty road and he kept his promise. He said after his friend went to his place that let’s walk, jhalli! She blushed. Holding hands of each other, having talk of his childhood memories, his and his friend’s naughty stuffs, her funny incidents with her best friends.!!!!! What you can ask more on a romantic long walk ???

That was the last night of her with him and she does not want it to be end. She confessed this thing to him. He blushed. Both went for a short ride. No talks, jst cold breeze, hugging him from back side and his blushy smile, makes a ride perfect..!!!

He dropped her to her friend’s place. She said, “Call me after you reach your place so I know you safely reach.” He acted like he hate that thing, asked her, “Do I have any option???” And he blushed. She smiled back and said, “No, idiot.!!!” And both laughed.

May be, their “Do I have any option?” Statement meants to be FOREVER, CRAZY RELATIONSHIP for both of them….!!!!!!!

– – – – –

Relationship does not mean always having talk about physical stuff or cuddle or kiss or hug or having sex. It means also, you can share your evry side to someone with the relief that they will find it funny or stupid or lovely or beautiful or amazing as you do.! It means to have that one person to show your real side without any fear.!

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