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Regrets..??? Unfortunately, Yess….!!!


I was taking rest at my place and was having conversation with one of ny friend. He recently had break up with his girl friend and can’t forget her.

The girl whom he loved, was so sweet and innocent. My friend is also kind of 😉 nice guy but somehow my friend had doubts on her and she apparently started running away from him and started avoiding him. I tried a lot to make him understand the situation that more doubts will create more problems. But he didn’t listen to me and now, both had break up.

The thing is, my friend has understood the situation now but its too late for this maturity and she can’t come back to his life. Problem is that, my friend is not getting her out of his mind and he was behaving like a psycho. His male ego can’t let him accept the thing that his girl friend asked for breaking up. And that created a big problem for him.

Its been one month and now finally he is on track again. He is quite normal now, still miss her but accept the thing that she was his past.

But one thing stuck in my mind is that, why we cannot accept the thing which is gone and will never come back. Obviously it’s very hard to accept breakups.. And in now-a-days it makes more harder because recent activitied on facebook or twitter, his/her last seen, status updates. In this time, we don’t follow our Ex physically, but we follow them on social medias..! Every status upddates of their, we feel like its fir us only.! Strange but, its true.!! 😉

I just want to say, its difficult obviously to forget that one person with whom we once planned our future, but its not impossible. And if after all the tries someone is not happy to be with us or if we are not happy with someone, then why to hold them tightly. They came in our lives to teach us a lesson and then they disappear and you just need to accept the thing that their role is finished in your life.!!!!

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