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10 Things I Learnt from James Altucher

I have not read this book. But I believe the quotes written here is true..!!!

10 Things I Learnt

Choose Yourselfby James Altucher is one of the most impactful books I’ve read in the recent past. It was named among the ’12 Best Business Books of All time’ by USA Today. James’ story is an average story.


That he earned and lost millions. Lost ever single penny. Twice over. Failed in 17 of the 20 companies he started. Almost killed himself. Asked for a $1,000 loan from his Dad and was refused. Got divorced. Got depressed and almost crippled. Lost his home to the Banks. Lived in a Motel for 2 years.


Resurrected his life. Became a blogger. A writer. Wrote 11 books. Became a New York Times best selling author. Sits on the board of 30 companies.

THIS is what I learnt from him…

1. ‘The American Dream’ is a LIE

The phrase got popular due to a marketing campaign developed by Fannie Mae to convince…

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