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Time To Ask Something To Yourself!!! (My Answers)

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So, yesterday I shared some question which I am having for my friends and relatives. One of my reader, blogger asked me to give answer of that same questions. And so here I am with my answers!!!

  1. What is that specific thing which gives you SMILE on your sad face? 
    1. Having conversation with my best friend who always keep his mouth shut when I am upset!! 😀
  2.  One thing, that makes you special and unique?
    1. I let go of things easily. So I don’t think about past or future. Just live in present.
  3.  The thing, which you are proud of yourself.
    1. I don’t care ever what people thinks about me! 🙂
  4.  Which is that one thing comes in between you and your happiness? Would you ever try to figure out that thing?
    1. Nothings come between me and my happiness. I know how to make myself happy.
  5.  If you have chance to go back in your past, which is that one thing you want to change?
    1. The decisions I have made for my career options. 😦
  6.  How do you impact yourself in others life?
    1. I am a very talkative person still, you can say I am always there to listen dramaz of my friends at any time!!! 😉 
  7.  If you have one chance to ask for only one wish, what it would be?
    1. My would be partner.Come Soon!!! 😉 😀
  8. If you have chance to ask for one wish for someone else then who is that one person and what you will ask for?
    1. Its for my younger brother, that he should loose his short tempered and judgmental nature so he can get more successful relations with his friends and get success with lower hard work!!!!
  9.  What is that one thing, you are regretting about?
    1. I don’t have any regrets.
  10. If you are having last 24 hours of your life then what you want to do in this time?
    1. I will celebrate the last day of my life with friends and family because, I survived very well till that time.!!!
  11. How you can define yourself and rate yourself in measure of 0-10.
    1. Full of energetic person with positive attitude. Rate will obviously 9 out of 10. 1 is less because somethings there, I need to learn still.!! 😀
  12. Are you happy with what you are doing and how you are surviving?
    1. No Doubt. I am Very Happy.!!! 🙂
  13. Are you seeing yourself successful person in next one year or five years?
    1. For sure.!!!
  14. The thing or person you are missing at this moment the most and why?
    1. My childhood.!! Because, I was more carefree person at that time.
  15. The thing you are ashamed of yourself.
    1. I don’t ashamed of anything what I did. I did what I felt was right at that moment.!!!!!

So, these are my answers. I hope you are not bored with my lifebook!!! 😉


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