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We Are Just Friends Only!!!! But Yes, I Feel Jealous….Sometimes….!!


OK, This is not the uncommon story, I guess. Everyone who has a long friendship with opposite sex, happens this.

– – – – –

Well, Deep is my best friend since last 10 long years. We studied in same college. We are from different branches of engineering. The interest areas took us together. And we are still together like anything.

The friendship between me and him is pure and real. I can say this because there were several chances where he can take advantages of me as a typical guy but he never did. He was there when no one had dared to be with me. He was there always to protect me whenever I need him. May be he is the only person till now with whom I can share non-veg jokes, can be sentimental, can dance with, can check out other boys even when I am with him. Its like, I can do whatever comes in my mind without thinking once.

Well, I am not here writing about my and his friendship. No, I am not going to bore you with this boring story. What I exactly wanted to share is something real in this friendship that the bond between me and Deep is so strong that literally at times our other friends thought that we were in a relationship, actually we were not.!!!! 😀 But it happens I guess, where society misjudges the real friendship sometimes..!!!!!

The story does not ends here!!!! The important thing what I felt in this friendship is JEALOUSY!!!!

One day, he suddenly called me and invited me for a coffee. When I reached at the place, he suddenly introduced his girl-friend. She was pretty actually but somehow I did not like her at all. Generally, I am a very talkative and friendly person but that day I was behaving weird. Whatever she was saying, I literally cut her talk in middle and started talking. I don’t know I was proving something to her. I was trying to show her that with whom she is dating, I know him better than her. I was mean and rude. In no time, I done with my strange behaviour and went from that place.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me at that time, even Deep was also confused from my behaviour. The other friends of mine were shocked. But it was me, and I spoiled that moment with my strange behaviour. I even couldn’t justify my behaviour even.

That was the past and it’s gone. In today’s time Deep and that girl are not dating. After his break up with that girl, Deep was in relationship with another girl also and when I met that second girl for the first time, I was same as before, mean and strange. Again don’t have any clue what I was doing and all. But I don’t feel good. That’s it!!!! Today even, when he introduces me to any of his girl friend, I am same like this. After several meetings I am used to it and I accept that girl as his girl friend and started liking her even.

But that was another thing. Main thing is just, why in every first meeting I hate that every girl who is my best friend’s girl friend?  It’s not like me and Deep are in love. It’s not even like I don’t accept his relationship with any girl. I accept his relationships but I take time to accept the things. May be I don’t see any girl’s priority more than me in my best friend’s life!!! May be I am scared of sharing our bond with anyone else.

– – – – –

May be Jealousy in friendship is not good, but I guess, having the feeling of losing your connection with your best friend is worth it when your best friend understands your feeling that you don’t love him like LOVE but you love the friendship of yours and you are scared that if someone new will enter in his life, your friendship won’t be same like before.!!!!!


12 thoughts on “We Are Just Friends Only!!!! But Yes, I Feel Jealous….Sometimes….!!

  1. Friendship

    They are all supplementary to each other…
    They cannot exist without each other…

    As u said, it’s ok to be jealous in friendship for/becauseof love

    So…Let the feelings flow…!

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