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Aww… You Are So Short For Me..!!!!


Having 5’2” and I consider as a SHORT GIRL always. Don’t know what is too short in this??? I think I am enough heighted girl for any guy!!!

But, never mind!!! I think being short, is pretty awesome, trust me. 12 reasons that why I am happy for being short heighted girl, for myself and for a TALL guy even!!!!! 😉

  1. What makes a girl more happy then getting complements? Always gets complements “You looks so younger!!!” 😉
  2. 18ixhnfweliz0jpgYou never get issues of “Leg Space” in flights or in trains or in car!!
  3. images (5)You always get options in kids sections clothes and shoes even if your leg size is still small!!!! So you can have better and more and cuter options for yourself.
  4. shopping-600x450You can carry any size of heels and that makes you even more pretty!!!
  5. 14707136252735633_dktXmzeG_zpse4ba9394You get the privilege of standing in front for groupies every time!! (And trust me, you will enjoy this if you are a picture freak like me!! 😉 )
  6. download (3)You don’t need to face bump head in case of low ceiling.
  7. getty_rm_photo_of_young_girl_bumped_headYou look always adorable and cute whatever you do!!!
  8. 11Short girls are always feminine in compared to taller girls as they have higher degree of estrogens content in their body.
  9. beautiful-brunette-eyebrows-eyelashes-feminine-girl-Favim.com-69532_largeIt’s easier for a guy to carry his girl!!!
  10. tumblr_lk245hP3aY1qii684o1_400_largeIt’s so adorable to hug a short girl and even to give a kiss on her forehead!!!
  11. fa6f517db63a31df7ffa42b9ecc5b547You always feel powerful in public when you are with your short girl!!! As you can protect her delicacy which only you can see!! 😉
  12. bad3-00206She can help you to save your time when both of you are getting ready for a party as both of you can share one mirror!!


– – – – –

So, all the shorties like me (though I am not!!! 😉  ) have fun with your tall guy or girls don’t feel shame because of your height!! They just can’t bare your cuteness!! 😉 And enjoy being SHORTY !! ❤


6 thoughts on “Aww… You Are So Short For Me..!!!!

  1. HeyLo,

    Being short myself ( 5’0 … although I am just 15 and I might grow a bit more in the coming years 😉 ), I could totally relate to the things you said !!
    Especially getting to shop in the kids section ! I like to think of myself as Cinderella in disguise 😀

    From the not so-

    Liked by 1 person

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