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A Message To ‘Ex’….!!!!!


A few days ago, got a call from that person. He was talking so normal with me. He asked me about my health, how is my life going on and all that usual stuff. It was strange actually, how he can be so normal with me after what had happened to us!! The situation was not same as before.

Firstly, we became friends and then fell in love. The relationship held for almost 2 long years. We saw every phase of life in those 2 years. We laughed, we became cosy, we flirted, we teased each other, we fought, we cried, we begged, we lost ourselves; we broke ourselves and finally decided to ended up the everything. Yes, that was our mutual decision of breaking up as we cannot make other happy in that relationship.

He moved on easily. He is engaged now, soon he will get married and live happy life, I guess, I hope.

That’s OK. That I can accept. 🙂

But the question I am having, why the hell he still wants to be in touch with me? Why does he want to know about each and every detail of my life? Why does he even care for am I doing good in my life or not?

The situation is kind of, he wants to be my friend because I am the only friend of his till now. I was happy in this thing when we were in a relationship but in this situation, is it fine to be with him as friends???? May be he is right to have friendship with me and keeping connections with each other and being normal as before when we were just friends but somehow I don’t feel any right thing in this. I feel so because, if he will stay as whatever relation then how can I forget him and move on?? How can I get over him? And what if one day, I have to face him and his fiance together? Am I able to see that situation normally?

I always think that “At one time lovers cannot be friends anymore. As their one times talks, fights, broken promises or moments always comes in between their friendship or whatsoever relationship they will have!!!”

– – – – –

“Life is too small to make it complicated!! If you want to go away from someone else, Go but never make your footprints in someone’s life like they don’t even move on from you. You cannot stand in between’s situation. Either you hold hand or you leave that hand so that person can hold someone else.”


19 thoughts on “A Message To ‘Ex’….!!!!!

  1. Being an ‘X’, I can tell you one thing…that we Xs loved our Xs enough to forget them ever…we will care about them always and so just need to be sure if they are happy!

    There is no second chance as the two were never meant to be.

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    1. I agree! There is no second chances at least after someone has moved on!! But if one person is moved on then you just need to let go the other person! there is no need to take care of that person more whom you left!! 🙂


      1. There is a reason to the “leaving you alone” thing and that is that the two are not meant to be ever…the thing that you were together was just a part of life; just like you go to school for 10 years compulsorily!
        And you still cherish and desire the school times back even when you are actually moving forward successfully in your life! So, you visit your school at times just to be sure that you had that memory correctly; or if something has changed, how does it look now…you enquire!
        The same is the case of the “X” !

        And you are not supposed to forget the times you have lived…
        Make them memories and cherish them for the eternity!


      2. Being friend after breakup its nt the right thing.!!! In past, ‘X’ wodn’t plan to leave..! Bt this is present and he is not the part.! So nothing there to be diacussed.!

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  2. Priya, he is contacting you before his marriage because he want himself to believe that he was never wrong. He never hurt your feelings and the break-up was a mutual decision. He has already moved on long back and want to get rid of all the baggage before he starts a new life.
    What I suggest to you is don’t make any contacts further with him. Don’t help him to remove his baggage. It will only leave you drained off. Also, you won’t be having anyone to move on from.
    So, make no contacts, live your own life. Everything is a past. And today you are out of it. Don’t be rude to him, otherwise you will be feel guilty. Be genuine and show him that you don’t care about anything else. The best revenge. You will thank me for this, years later. Good Luck 🙂

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  3. Great post! It is also important for you to know when to let go and move on. Some things just aren’t meant to be and you can’t allow yourself to feel guilty or drained because of it. Wish the person well and keep it moving!

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  4. Simply superb…

    This reminds me a dialogue from movie Life of Pie:

    “It’s important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse.”

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