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To The Best Friend I Never Thought I’d Have

Thank you for being there where no one have dared to think even!!!

Thought Catalog

People often take the term “best friend” for granted. They throw it around so casually as if it’s on the same level and gravity as calling someone their friend. Well, it’s not. Calling someone your best friend or being called that someone’s best friend means that you take on a deeper level of friendship and commitment that normal friends don’t share.

Being a best friend demands the same level of unwavering trust and commitment as being in a relationship. It needs a mutual understanding of both parties’ shortcomings, a level of maturity to look past these imperfections, and see the beautiful person that they first met as a stranger but latter chose to call their best friend.

The odds of getting the opportunity, or rather the privilege, to be able to secure such a prestigious title are pretty low. 10%? 15? I don’t really know, but I know I’m lucky…

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