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From an Aspiring Writer, to a Writer

Thanks for writing this!!! Because I also believe this as I just started writing!! But I know one day,surely I will succeeded..!!!

JUST the Unwinding of Thoughts

Know the difference between the two???  Fine, I’ll just, ANSWER my OWN question again!!!

The former is only a dream, while, the latter IS the reality, so, how, do we get from dreams to reality?  Oh yeah, by doing SOMETHING to help ourselves, to ACHIEVE our dreams, uh, D-U-H, no offense still, but, as I’d said, previously, FEEL FREE, to TAKE some!

From an aspiring writer, to a writers, how, can one become recognized in one’s own areas of interests?  There is NO sure way to do this, and besides, isn’t the view you have toward yourselves, MORE important than the views of the outside world of you?  It should!  Then, it wouldn’t MATTER how the world perceives you, and, by ditching ALL of that, you’ll be able to, live your dreams, without THE restrictions of the world, which means, that you’d be able to soar, MORE freely, above these…

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