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Second Chance?? Worth It Or Not??


I was sitting in my office and thinking about a relationship, a story which I just posted before sometime!!!

The story ends there, but it leads me into a very deep thinking about asking or giving a second chance to the person whom we love. Be real. Everyone do mistakes in a relationship. Everyone wants a second chance. And everyone has felt that it should be ended now!! But the major questions are, is it worth to give second chance? And exactly where you can decide that now you should not give another second chance? Where does the sequences of ‘second chances’ should end?

For what chances are meant? Why do you want/ ask chances in a relationship?Β The chances are given/ask for changing something from current situation, for better things. The chances which makes change in anything are worth to given.

But what if, your given chances are just considered as your weaknesses in a relationship? What if, your given chances makes no any change in anything? What if, your given chances are making you feel low or disgusted? What if, the chances you have given, proved as your biggest mistakes????


The simple solution is, give ‘second chances’ till the time you don’t feel that the given chance will not change anything in current situation. Give the chances till the time, you don’t feel that you are making fool of yourself. Give chances till the time, you don’t feel that you are not considered as a weak person anymore and both of you are going to make something better.

But at what time, you started feeling that the meaning of your chances are considering as jokes or making you fool. Just hold for a while, take a deep breath and say, “The limitation of your chances are full now. You can go ahead and find better person to ask more chances.”Β That will be the time when the cycle of chances will ended. πŸ™‚

– – – – –

Friends, there is a very thin line between guilt of mistakes and faking the guilt and creating emotional drama!!!! The person who really cares for you or your feelings, will prove the worth of second chances.. And who does not really care, undoubtedly how many chances you will give, that person doesn’t prove the worth of second chances!!! πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Second Chance?? Worth It Or Not??

  1. It was wonderfully written, Priya. I second you that a person will prove his or her worth if he deserves a second chance. Extremely thought-provoking lines you have penned here. Takes me to a state of nostalgia and introspection. Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚


      1. Hehe after all I got a second chance after missing this post when it was published. How could have I missed it πŸ˜‰
        It was really a beautiful piece and I am still thinking about it. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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