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Walking Away? May Be The Right Decision..!!!


He is with her from last 4 years. When he started feeling for her, he didn’t know. The feeling for her is unexplainable. Just a simple sentence that he can do anything for her!!!!!!

Both love each other, no doubt. But what he doesn’t like about her is just one thing, she is scared. She is scared of everything. She is scared of her family, her dreams even she scared of him also. She does not take stands for anything.!!!!

– – – – –

One worst day, he got a call from her that her parents decided her marriage with a stranger. He fought with her. He cried inside. He begged her that doesn’t go away from him. He always had fights with her that she does not take stands for him at all. She never had a word with her parents for him!! This makes him scared, lame!!

The situation is out of controlled when she admitted in the hospital because of over thinking and depression before the exact 10 days of her marriage!!! In the same time, he is also worried about her as he was feeling that because of him, she is sick!! He wants to meet her for the last time before her marriage. He wants to meet her father for the first and last time! He wants to meet him because he does not take that regret for his whole life that he didn’t try once to convince her father about their relationship. He wants to take last chance for this relationship.

– – – – –

One night before he was leaving to meet her, he was upset, feeling restlessness!! He didn’t sleep for a single second. He practiced with his friend that what he would say to her father when he will meet him. What kind of situation was that, he wants to take a chance for that person who didn’t take a chance for once in that relationship!!!!!! He was scared inside but trying hard to smile enough in front of his parents and friends. He tried hard to make himself strong and prepare for the next day’s examination. Examination of his relationship!!

He took his wallet and his phones and left from his flat in the early morning to meet the love of his life for the last time! He didn’t have a word with her from exact last 27 hours about he is coming to her city to see her. As he knows, if he will say her about his coming and meeting with her and her father, she will be tensed and sick again!!! And he doesn’t want that. 4 hours journey and the way of his, is full of restlessness as he is still scared what will happen in next 24 hours!!

* * *

He just landed in her city and suddenly got her call. He said, he is in her city to meet her and her parents. She started crying again as always. She denied him to meet her parents. She started giving nonsense reasons as always that her father just had one heart attack and doesn’t want to give him another shock! She doesn’t want him to take that last chance for their relationship.

He tried hard to convince her about his thought of meeting her parents. She refused. She cried a lot. She rejected his thinking. She said him to wait for some time. She will come to meet him for sure but she does not allow him to talk to her father.!! 😦

He is upset and clueless. He is numb. Nothing comes in his mind that what he will going to do. After having a talk with one of his friend, he came back into reality and he is thinking,

“All the way to her city, I came to see her. I came to meet her for the last time. I came to meet her father and ask a simple question, why don’t you find me perfect person for his daughter? If the love is enough for survival then he is the only person who can love his daughter unconditionally. And still he thinks that he is not the best for his daughter then just one request to him, that please give her that much love that she won’t scared of her father anymore and start to take steps towards her new life with relief not with guilt!! And she can move on in her life.

I am not here to fight with anyone. I just wanted her happiness. And at this time even, she does not want to take stand for me and not allowing me to meet his father and scared???? I fucked up my life, my career for her and all she is saying till this time that she is scared of her father and from me even!!!! I just came to check that she is feeling good or not. I came to convince her father about our relationship or her happiness. And all she is saying that, she is still scared of taking one last chance!!!!!”

– – – – –

He stopped his thoughts and dialed a number. He called her, “May be you are right. May be I should not meet your father. Everyone was saying till now but I did not believe them but yes, today I want to say, I WASTE 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE FOR THAT PERSON WHO DID NOT EVEN DARE TO TAKE ONE LAST CHANCE TO MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! I always fight with you about this, but now I am done with all of this. I surrender now. I don’t want to drag this longer. You want to meet me last time but don’t have guts to be with your love for the first and last time, and then I guess it’s high time for me to take stand for myself and I am letting you go now. You go and be happy in your life. I don’t want to meet you last time even. This is your punishment that I am not allowing you to be with me last time!!!”

He said this and hung up the phone. She was crying on the other side.


May be she will have that regret for the whole life that what she missed is her happiness only.!!!

– – – – –

Sometime its better to think about yourself. It’s not being selfish. It’s about respecting yourself. You need to learn to let go off that person who cannot have courage to be with you even when you have already sacrificed your everything for that one person.

It’s hard to accept the reality that the person whom you loved the most, does not have guts to stand by your side. Respect yourself and walk away from that person because it’s not about them, it’s about you and your dignity for yourself!!!


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