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7 Universal Truths About Dating That Will Piss You Off (Before They Set You Free)

Thought Catalog

He's Just Not That Into YouHe’s Just Not That Into You

There is a quote by Gloria Steinem that goes, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” Now, ain’t that the truth? As much as everybody likes to pretend to be a truth-seeker and lover, oftentimes when we’re faced with the difficult truths of anything, we have negative reactions from denial to hostility. Admittedly, capital T truths are hard to come by – some people don’t even believe in them. But luckily for everyone, I am not one of them! Jokes aside, when it comes to dating, there are just some universal acknowledgements or facts or truths that we all have to deal with. And they might piss us off, but eventually they also set us free.

 1. Being single or being in a relationship is in your hands.

You know, there are probably not as many things in life…

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