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Should ‘She’ & ‘Cooking’ always go together?

Even, I don’t like to cook..!!! 😉

A Few Handpicked Things in Life

What is in a Man that isn’t in a Woman? (Put aside your dirty thoughts).

It is the same question that comes up now and then, here and there right from Sati was in practice to every time news about a rape flashes across your television screen. Like every other news, it makes an impact in people’s mind but not in actions and then, it is history.

A scene at a workplace when the maid was on leave.

Hum: Hey you! Go make some tea na.
Tum: I would have, but unfortunately I know how to make tea only for four with the spoon at my home 😀
(I loved the way she said that. So hilarious,Innocent & open.) I remember I was in such a stage once & never admitted 😛
Hum: Shame on you. You don’t know how to prepare a tea?
Tum: Why don’t you do that for a…

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