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Introduction : Would That Person Come Or Not.??? (Part -1)


She always affraid of the commitment. Something terrible and unwanted things connected with her past which made her lame and numb. She just scared of being with a wrong person anymore. She just gave a big paused to her life at that moment from where she coudn’t re-llay again her life.

May be because of that, she think about every guy as d same sight.! May be this is wrong..may be she should not do this.! May be she will miss the chance of getting her love again. But the questions running in her mind is, why she should believe other guy.? How can she know that yes, this is the right person.? And he won’t leave her.? How can she trust a person without any certain promise that he won’t break promise.???

She always maintains two inches distance with every guy who tries to get close to her either it is physical or emotional. She just had enough of relationship trauma.!
– – – – –
Wait, for the second part of the story to know if her destiny gives her second chance or not.??



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