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21 Signs You’re A Rebellious Woman

And so it’s me…I guess…!!!
The pressure of ‘should be’ in the journey of ‘being me’ is difficult but I guess that’s how it has to be…Because this is the journey of Being Me!!!!! 🙂

Thought Catalog

Kaponia AliakseiKaponia Aliaksei

1. You adamantly refuse to be the kind of woman the world wants you to be. You shun the status quo and loathe outdated clichés of what it means to be a woman, knowing these antiquated views are holding us all back from expressing ourselves fully.

2. You abhor all definitions and labels. What does it mean to be a woman? Whatever the hell you, personally make it mean, that’s what.

3. You radically accept yourself. You know that strength is derived not from being acceptable to others, but about redefining acceptance for yourself all together.

4. You will never be small or less-than or weak. Your presence is a roar, never a whisper.

5. If you do care about getting older, it’s within the context of how much more you want to accomplish and do with your life. You resent the implication that all women bemoan getting…

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